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Lady Audley’s Secret by Mary Elizabeth Braddon
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Lady Audley’s Secret

by Mary Elizabeth Braddon

1 rating, 1 review

Mary Elizabeth Braddon’s first novel, Lady Audley’s Secret, was one of the most popular English novels of its day. Published serially in 1862, it tells the story of the lovely Lucy Graham, who becomes Lady Audley at the beginning of the novel, and who conceals a scandalous secret from her new husband and his family. The plot, which includes madness, bigamy, attempted murder, and seduction, made this a shocking but highly successful story for Victorian audiences. It remains one of the best examples of 19th century sensational fiction, and is a wonderfully absorbing book. (Summary written by gloriana).

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1 rating, 1 review

Stephen Smarr

October 01, 2011

This recording is all done by the same, very easy to enjoy reader! I wish she would read more of the books, I think she could EASILY do it professionally, and I would buy it if she read it. Some librivox recordings really suck, but this recording is amazingly well done and completely professional sounding.