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The Amber Witch by Mary Schweidler
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The Amber Witch

by Mary Schweidler

49 ratings, 8 reviews

The Amber Witch might me called the "Amber Witch Project," not because it's a classic German Gothic novel written in 1839 by Johannes Wilhelm Meinhold, but that it was a complete hoax. Set during the Thirty Years' War, the Amber Witch manuscript was supposedly written by the Rev. Abraham Schweidler, a pure and honest man, whose only child Maria might (or might not) be burned at the stake in a heinous plot devised by a dastardly Sheriff. He accuses her of witchcraft and a trial is held (and I shall'nt ruin the ending despite it being faked).

Meinhold had written the Amber Witch as a ploy against certain claimants who suggested that the Old and New Testaments were written based on actual historical documents. When it was first published, nearly all German critics believed it to be true. This was further flamed by its English translations, which sparked a whole new set of fans and theorists of the work's authenticity. When Meinhold finally admitted to the hoax, it caused a big stir, and he lashed into the biblical historians with great lavish. The Amber Witch was very popular, eventually becoming a play. Even the young Oscar Wilde loved to read it as a boy.

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Stephanie Curry

June 20, 2014

I love this book.stephanie curry


Cody Wals

April 14, 2014

Wish the latin parts were translated, wouldve hlped a lot


Jared Gill

February 10, 2014

क्च़्ीच्चाट्, ईडा,ीचाच ाचातीचा ाचातता । ाचा़ईता़ । चाचा़ीचै जा़ाचा । ाचाताचा ाचा़ता । ाचा़चाा । ाचतीती । ,,,,।।।।।।।।।।,ततसिवप्पपेंिवरसरनींैैंूूजकडयॅट,।


Kinka Micheva

January 24, 2014

The best book ever


Helen Warner

October 09, 2013

A great story! Although unable to translate the small Latin sections, the general meaning is still apparent and does not take away from the tale.



August 12, 2013

It was okay. I just wish the Latin parts would've been translated.


Bernie Marchena

April 16, 2012



Yissel Oña

January 31, 2012