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A Brief History of the Internet by Michael S. Hart
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A Brief History of the Internet

by Michael S. Hart

2 ratings, 1 review

A Brief History of the Internet is a strange "book" indeed, and it seems more like it was written BY the internet than by Michael S. Hart (who is continually referred to in the third person in this book). Published in 1995, A Brief History proves that writing about technology can be a slippery slope, because by the time anyone reads it it's an anachronism.

But really: this isn't even a coherent essay, not to mention book. It doesn't deal with any history of the actual internet (Turing for example) and the "author" seems to be on some militant, maniacal screed about how the millions of books in the world aren't online for free, and that there's some conspiracy involved. Um, can anyone say Free Books?

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Matt Larsen

June 18, 2013

Great read!