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Mike: A Public School Story by P. G. Wodehouse
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Mike: A Public School Story

by P. G. Wodehouse

1 rating, 1 review

This novel introduces the characters Mike Jackson and Psmith, who are featured in several of Wodehouse’s later works. It shows how the two characters first met each other as teenagers at boarding school. As Psmith doesn’t appear until about halfway through this book, it was later released as two separate books, Mike at Wrykyn and Mike and Psmith. There’s lots of cricket, but you don’t need to understand the game to enjoy the antics of these public school boys as they "rag" each other and the authorities.-Summary by Debra Lynn

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1 rating, 1 review

Carôle Ceres

March 31, 2013

I really persevered with this book, but in the end I only got as far as chapter 10. The recording of itself did not help matters, because the background 'white noise' ended up giving me mild tinnitus! Add to that the narrator's barely inflected but highly nasal delivery (she sounded as if she has a cold), and it makes very heavy going for the listener. By all means give this title a listen, it appears to be one of Wodehouse's better novels, but do not try to listen to more than 3 chapters at a time, otherwise you'll suffer!