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Accidental Death by Peter Baily
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Accidental Death

by Peter Baily

31 ratings, 2 reviews

Accidental Death by Peter Baily is a sci-fi short story about aliens called the Chingsi who come to Earth. Though there's not much action in Accidental Death, we do have aliens interacting with humans in some novel ways: they have beer, like table tennis, and crude jokes. So aliens are basically frat guys according to Baily (always suspected that anyway).

Also the Chingsi can control luck, which makes for some interesting scenes. Eventually when the humans leave Earth they run out of their own luck as their ship ends up in a really... really wrong plot of space.

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Margaret Freestone

July 10, 2013

A quick read.


Karly Diage

March 01, 2013

This was a very original story about aliens and luck with an ending that was (for the most part) unexpected but wholly satisfying!