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Beyond Lies the Wub by Philip K. Dick
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Beyond Lies the Wub

by Philip K. Dick

42 ratings, 16 reviews

Philip Kindred Dick (1928 - 1982) was an American novelist, short story writer, and essayist whose contribution to science fiction is immense. His themes are the sociological, political, metaphysical and altered states of humanity under the weight of hegemonic corporations and governments. His own experiences with drug abuse, paranoia and schizophrenia are present throughout his work. Dick's novels and stories, which are awesome in their own right, have also been the inspiration for popular films such as Blade Runner, Total Recall and Minority Report.

The short sci-fi story Beyond Lies the Wub was Dick's first published tale, which appeared in Planet Stories in 1952. It is about a space ship crew member named Peterson who, while visiting Mars, buys an enormous pig-like creature called a "wub", which winds up being a telepathic, sentient animal. Tensions develop when the captain, who had a run in with a wub, wants to kill and eat it. But the crew has formed a liking for the creature, which has been conversing with them about mythology. Does the captain kill and eat the tasty creature? Or will it live out its sensitive life with Peterson and the rest of the crew...

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Darlene DeFoor

March 25, 2014

Among the animals a spaceship takes onboard is a wub. And it begins to talk to the captain. There is a moral here.


Jennifer Perez

September 30, 2013

Oh how i love Philip K Dick. I truly do. He gets you caught up in this moral delimma, wound up and heated. You hope that, because this fiction, it will end up well, the characters will do the right thing. But Dick is a realist. He knows people too well to be unrealisitic. But then he has a tendency to drop a bomb in you head at the last second.


Shannon Harvey

September 02, 2013

.This is what humans do to intellegent beings. A very good short story.


Margaret Freestone

June 22, 2013

Well worth reading!


Nuveau Sapiens

May 15, 2013

A tasty morsel of a literary snack.


Gary Mercer

February 15, 2013

Nice short story


William Dolinsky

January 24, 2013

Fun but predictable.


Ady Olmos

October 03, 2012

Very good read. Nice portrayal of western greed and the terrible way society and ignorance corrupt people. We'd rather destroy other races and cultures than try to make peace with them even though our own "teachings" tell us to do unto others. When it comes down to it, we take what we select from political and theological teachings as it suits us. Kind of sad.


Chris Roach

August 31, 2012

Very good short read. Would have enjoyed a longer text, but it was an intreuging story.


Karen Ferguson

August 28, 2012

Thought provoking short story


Doug Field

June 01, 2012

Well written but does not amount to much in the end.


Gideon Allen

April 26, 2012

Very good as always with philip k dick, very true about humans.


Christopher Champion

April 13, 2012

Great story!


Phill Torney

March 20, 2012

Nice little story, I agree with the others, I could have kept reading all day. Good story to read at break at work.


Jeremy Johnson

March 14, 2012

Fun read, but too short. I would have liked several times this much.


Tim Allan

July 30, 2011

I've never read any Phillip K Dick, so I have no idea if this is representative. In a very short story he manages to create characters you engage with, empathise with and even despise. A good twist, a critique of rapacious western greed, and possible sews the seeds of vegetarianism in the reader. Could you look your dinner in the eye?