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Helen Vardon's Confession by R. Austin Freeman
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Helen Vardon's Confession

by R. Austin Freeman

3 ratings, 1 review

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Teddy Davidson

August 04, 2012

This is another Dr Thorndyke tale, but not narrated by his colleague Jervis as is usual but by one of the protagonists, the main suspect, in the mystery. It has some odd features including episodes of mesmerism and spiritualism which make me wonder if the writer is having a dig at Conan Doyle who became absorbed by spiritualism after the death of his son in the Great War. There is also a casual anti-semitism which is distasteful to modern readers. That said it is a compelling read even if the outcome is pretty obvious and Helen Vardon is a charming and interesting heroine and more fully realised than many a young laud caught up in Classic Twenties crime stories.