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The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson
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The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde

by Robert Louis Stevenson

12 ratings, 2 reviews

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is a novella by the Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson, first published in 1886. London lawyer Utterson is driven to investigate Edward Hyde, the unlikely protégé of his friend Dr Henry Jekyll, suspecting the relationship to be founded on blackmail. The truth is worse than he could have imagined. Jekyll’s ‘full statement of the case’, the final chapter of the book, explores the idea of dual personality that led him to his experiments, and his inexorable and finally fatal descent into evil.

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12 ratings, 2 reviews

April Earl

November 06, 2015

Wasnt very enthralled by this book. But the reader was decent. A little more enthusiasm in his voice would have made listening a lot more pleasent.


Christy Ressler

June 11, 2013

Great book, very good reader!