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The Parasite by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
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The Parasite

by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

16 ratings, 6 reviews

Being a physiologist, Austin Gilroy is unconvinced that the occult is real. His friend Professor Wilson, however, is not only convinced that psychical powers are real, but eagerly desires that Gilroy should be persuaded. To this end, Wilson invites Austin to his house for a demonstration. The effect is that Austin, although still skeptical, now concedes that there is more in the matter than he at first believed. But when the psychic, Miss Penclosa, controls his actions to the point where he nearly murders his fiancee, Austin Gilroy doubts no longer.

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16 ratings, 6 reviews

Russell Stahl

March 07, 2014

Mesmerizing tale of hypnosis used for evil. Enjoyable story!


Veronica GN

February 09, 2014

The subject matter was provocative utilizing the skills of a renowned author to weave a tale in which the ending was both, unexpected and satisfying.


Gene Parham

March 18, 2013

Great Short Story! The storyline continues to introduce people, facts & situations, while the reader attempts to guess, what is about to happen!


Jimmy Mayle

January 07, 2013

My only dislike here, involves the gentleman reading our thriller, he was almost completely monotone. How ever, our professor's rapid and straightforward descent, was a Journey to Remember.


Chris Rosas

May 03, 2012

Another great reason why Arthur Conan Doyle is still remembered in this century.


Grachy Iraheta

February 08, 2012

it's a really good story