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Diary of a U-boat Commander by Sir Stephen King-Hall
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Diary of a U-boat Commander

by Sir Stephen King-Hall

20 ratings, 10 reviews

Captain Karl von Schenk of the Kaiser’s Navy is a stereotypical German nobleman – supremely self-confident, touchy about the divisions of class and any infringement on his place. He thinks he is handsome, has a suitably manly physique, an excellent singing voice, and a facility with writing. His wartime service related in his diary is a series of triumphs over harrowing circumstances, bringing his boat back in spite of the best efforts of the Royal Navy to stop him.

His one vulnerability is a young lady he meets on leave in Bruges, Belgium. Although she is the trophy girlfriend of a German colonel who could cause him much harm if he were to find out, von Schenk pursues his Zoe with Teutonic straightforwardness. And both he and the reader are entirely blind-sided by the unexpected thunderclap that puts an end to the sweet affair.

Stephen King-Hall, a Royal Navy officer during the war and writing as “Etienne”, penned this book as if he had simply discovered it on a surrendered submarine. In fact, some editions of the book list the author as “anonymous.” King-Hall’s knowlege of naval affairs lend authority to this yarn of men that go to the sea in ships that sink… on purpose.

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20 ratings, 10 reviews

Serg Ruby

November 22, 2013

Amazing book!!! Horror of war and love story all together ... Very touchy... I recommend to to hear this book very much !!!


Josh Cole

November 19, 2013

The proud naval officer who wrote this book develops into a man madly in love with a spy and disgusted at the war machine he belongs to. Give this story some time to go from normal military log of activities to the confessional of a man overcome with love and you'll be rewarded with a terrific story.


Keith Chirsan

November 04, 2012

Interesting with many twists.


Bert Kortegaard

October 31, 2012

The Deutsch would call it a roman. Whatever it is a good read. If I shed a tear or two I shed it for all true lost souls, everywhere.


Chad Cook

March 14, 2012

Great story. Incredible book. To hear the life of a German U boat captain in WW1 in such detail. Really enjoyable for any history or war story fan! Lived it so much I'm listening to it all over again.


Jim Krupnik

March 05, 2012

What a great story. One of the best I have read (listened to). Great technical content+historical wartime reality+a love story with a major twist. I'm glad to have found it, and while no reader is perfect, the guy who transcribed this book into an audio track did a very fine job. This is a top ten read for me. Go for it!


Mike Earsing

February 13, 2012

Great insight into war....timely


Danny Martin

February 08, 2012

What a story! Truth is stranger than fiction! Could rival "Casablanca" if made correctly.


Joe Doherty

January 11, 2012

Great book. Very hard to stop reading


Rhonda Stanford

November 09, 2011