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Dog-Watches at Sea by Stanton H. King
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Dog-Watches at Sea

by Stanton H. King

3 ratings, 2 reviews

Stanton H. King was from Barbados and followed his brothers to sea at the age of twelve in 1880. He spent only twelve years at sea for reasons given in this book. Thereafter, he became associated with the Sailors’ Haven, Boston, Massachusetts and became its director. He was also a renowned Chantie singer and, in 1918, King’s Book Of Chanties was published. King views the sailing life from “before the mast”, that is, through the eyes of the common sailor.

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3 ratings, 2 reviews

Michael Edmonds

December 20, 2015

This book brought back memories of my own experiences in the 1950s. The characters and places had not changed very much in 75 years. I chuckled all through this account of a seaman's life.


Trenton Wiese

March 04, 2012

It ok