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The Best of the World's Classics, Restricted to Prose by Various Authors
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The Best of the World's Classics, Restricted to Prose

by Various Authors

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There are ten volumes of Best of the World's Classics, Restricted to prose, written by Various Authors. The first volume focuses on Greece between the years 484 B.C. and 200 A.D., and if the list of authors is any indication, this was a very fruitful period of Western thought. The Editor is Henry Cabot Lodge, who was an American statesman and historian. This book is an excellent introduction to the Great Minds of Greece, and could serve as study material or casual reading alike.



INTRODUCTION. By Henry Cabot Lodge.

HERODOTUS--(Born probably in 484 B.C., died probably in 424.)

I Solon's Words of Wisdom to Croesus

II Babylon and Its Capture by Cyrus

III The Pyramid of Cheops

IV The Story of Periander's Son

THUCYDIDES--(Born about 471 B.C., died about 401.)

I The Athenians and Spartans Contrasted

II The Plague at Athens

III The Sailing of the Athenian Fleet for Sicily

IV Completion of the Athenian Defeat at Syracuse

XENOPHON--(Born about 430 B.C., died about 357.)

I The Character of Cyrus the Younger

II The Greek Army in the Snows of Armenia

III The Battle of Leuctra

IV Of the Army of the Spartans

V How to Choose and Manage Saddle Horses

PLATO--(Born about 427 B.C., died in 347.)

I The Image of the Cave. (From the "Republic")

II Good and Evil. (From the "Protagoras")

III Socrates in Praise of Love. (From the "Symposium")

IV The Praise of Socrates by Alcibiades. (From the "Symposium")

V The Refusal of Socrates to Escape from Prison. (From the "Crito")

VI The Death of Socrates. (From the "PhÊdo")

ARISTOTLE--(Born in 384 B.C., died in 322.)

I What Things are Pleasant. (From Book I of the "Rhetoric")

II The Life Most Desirable. (From Book VII of the "Politics")

III Ideal Husbands and Wives. (From Book I of the "Economics")

IV Happiness as an End of Human Action. (From Book X of the "Nicomachean Ethics")

POLYBIUS--(Born in 204 B.C., died about 125.)

I The Battle of CannÊ

II Hannibal's Advance on Rome

III The Defense of Syracuse by Archimedes

PLUTARCH--(Born about 46 A.D., died in 125.)

I Demosthenes and Cicero Compared

II The Assassination of CÊsar

III Cleopatra's Barge

IV The Death of Antony and Cleopatra

EPICTETUS--(Born about the middle of the first century.)

I Of Freedom

II Of Friendship

III The Philosopher and the Crowd

LUCIAN--(Born about 120 A.D., died about 200.)

I A Descent to the Unknown. (From "Menippus")

II Among the Philosophers. (From the "Fisher: A Resurrection Piece")

III Of Liars and Lying. (From the "Liar")

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