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War's Collection

Our War collection has classics like Homer’s Iliad and Sun Tzu’s Art of War, to books on the Civil War and WWI. For a tastes of several wars, there’s Fifteen Decisive Battles from Marathon to Waterloo by Edward Creasy. The Monitor and the Merrimack by J.L. Worden is an account of the famous sea battle, while Chancellorsville and Gettysburg by Abner Doubleday describes those battles from the general’s perspective. McElroy’s The Red Acorn is an American Civil War novel, and his book Andersonville is a famous account of this military prison.

For some WWI action how about The Diary of a U-boat Commander by Stephen King-Hall, or Hilaire Belloc’s General Sketch of the European War. The Scottish Chiefs by Jane Porter is the book that the movie Braveheart was based on. For something more light hearted, we offer Little Wars by H.G. Wells, which is an original battle game for children. Men of Iron by Howard Pyle is a first hand account of the life of a knight in armor, also for kids.

War Books

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