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The History of the Conquest of Peru by William Hickling Prescott
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The History of the Conquest of Peru

by William Hickling Prescott

William H. Prescott was an eminent historian of the 19th century whose work was widely read and well respected. As a follow up to his successful History of the Conquest of Mexico, The History of the Conquest of Peru is a fascinating account of Pizzaro's overthrow of the Incan empire. Here we have the tumultuous and vivid events that shaped the history of Latin America, all written by a man who never even went there!

Prescott's brilliant portrayal of the Spanish character, the underlying conflicts between the conquistadors, and descriptions of the Incan empire before its fall are what make this a great read for anyone interested in South America. At once brutal and courageous, Pizarro, who set out to conquer Peru at the age of 60, was a fascinating character. And though it's told from the side of the victors, Prescott's book is the definitive source for these events and has become a literary classic of Latin American history.

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