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King Henry IV, Part 2 by William Shakespeare
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King Henry IV, Part 2

Henry IV, Part 2 is a history play by William Shakespeare, believed written between 1596 and 1599. It is the third part of a tetralogy, preceded by Richard II and Henry IV, Part 1 and succeeded by Henry V. The play picks up where Henry IV, Part 1 left off. Its focus is on Prince Hal’s journey toward kingship and his ultimate rejection of Falstaff. (Summary from Wikipedia)Characters:Rumour the Presenter and Lady Percy – Cecelia Prior

King Henry IV – Mark F. Smith

Henry, Prince of Wales, afterwards King Henry V – Max Porter Zasada

Prince John of Lancaster – Brian Edwards

Prince Humphrey of Gloucester – Simon Larois

Thomas, Duke of Clarence – Aleithia

Earl of Northumberland – Lisa Wilson

Scroop, Archbishop of York – Vin Reilly

Lord Mowbray – Ellis Christoff

Lord Hastings – hefyd

Lord Bardolph – David Leeson

Sir John Colville, Silence, Second Drawer, and Porter – Silence

Travers, Shadow, and Bullcalf – Daniel Hutton

Morton and Shallow – David Nicol

Earl of Warwick – Aaron Elliott & mb

Earl of Westmoreland – Larysa Jaworski

Gower – Miriam Esther Goldman

Harcourt – Jennifer Stearns

Lord Chief Justice and First Groom – Lars Rolander

Bardolph and Servant – David Lawrence

Sir John Falstaff – John Lieder

Edward Poins – Bellona Times

Pistol – Lorelle Anderson

Peto – Matthew Ward

Page and Dancer (Epilogue) – Laurie Anne Walden

Davy, Mouldy, and Fang – Fr. Richard Zeile

Snare – Anna Simon

Thomas Wart – Lucy Perry

Francis Feeble – Cori Samuel

Francis, a drawer; Second and Third Grooms – Barry Eads

Lady Northumberland – BrianaBird

Hostess Quickly – Rosalind Wills

Doll Tearsheet – Philippa

First Beadle – Elli

Third Drawer and Messenger – Neeru Iyer

Stage Directions – KalyndaAudio edited by David LawrenceProject coordination: Laurie Anne Walden & Kirsten Ferreri

Proof-listening: Jennifer Stearns

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