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The Tragedy of Macbeth by William Shakespeare
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The Tragedy of Macbeth

10 ratings, 1 review

Murder and madness, witches and war: Librivox presents a recording of Macbeth, perhaps Shakespeare’s best known tragedy. Macbeth, a general in King Duncan’s army, is given a prophecy by a trio of witches: he himself will become king. Fired by ambition and goaded by his ruthless wife, he murders Duncan and assumes the throne. More killings follow as Macbeth attempts to retain his crown, until he discovers that prophecies are not always what they seem. Cast:Duncan – Joshua B. Christensen

Malcolm – mb

Donalbain – Ellis Christoff

Macbeth – Mark F. Smith

Banquo – Simon Larois

Macduff – John Lieder

Lennox – Mirza

Ross – Rosalind Wills

Menteith, Son of Macduff, and First Apparition – David Lawrence

Angus, Second Apparition, and Third Murderer – Annoying Twit

Caithness, Lord, Sergeant, and Soldiers – David Nicol

Fleance – Aaron Elliott

Siward – Brian Edwards

Young Siward, Gentlewoman – Laurie Anne Walden

Seyton, Old Man – Paul Williams

Lady Macbeth – Elizabeth Klett

Lady Macduff – LC

Hecate – Ruth Golding

First Witch – Jennifer Stearns

Second Witch – Kristin Hughes

Third Witch – Charlene V. Smith

Doctor – Eric M. Johnson

Servant and Attendant – Anna Simon

Porter – David Leeson

Third Apparition – Fionn Jameson

First Murderer – hefyd

Second Murderer – Anna Roberts

Messenger – Ezwa

Stage Directions – J. M. SmallheerAudio edited by J. M. Smallheer

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10 ratings, 1 review

Tony Jones

March 15, 2012

Most of the actors chided to read the main parts had the emotional vocal range of Steven Hawkins. Lady Macbeth herself lightens the whole play. If it were not for her I wud of deleted after the 1 st act